Feel free to drop by for a practice session at any time

CIK Håndbold is a handball association local to Christianshavn in central Copenhagen. Most of our teams practice in Hal C on Arsenalvej 6 once or twice a week.

While the club obviously want’s to promote an environment that enables its’ members to grow as handball players, we also pride ourselves on a strong social culture and sense of community. As such, the club can offer children and adults both an opportunity to practice and improve their handball skills near the centre of Copenhagen and an open and inclusive social environment within the teams and across the club.

The club has teams for all ages ranging from “Trille Trolle”, where kids from 2-5 years gets learn the ropes through play, to old boys/girls, where our most experienced players get to unfold.

On the adult side, the club has four women’s teams and one men’s team. Feel free to drop by for a practice session or reach out to Susanne at if you are looking for a women’s team or to Mikkel at if you are looking to join a men’s team.

There are several open teams on the kids’ side as well. If you are looking for a team for one or more children, feel free to reach out to our coaches, you will find team and contact info on our team view.

You can get an overview of the adult teams and their training hours here Senior | CIK Håndbold, and an overview of the kids’ here Ungdom | CIK Håndbold.

We hope to see you!